about us

What makes us different

I started Modern Basketball to give athletes of all skill levels an even playing field by offering the latest basketball drills integrated with core strengthening, cardiovascular conditioning, speed, agility, and power, that are sure to challenge every athlete mentally and physically.  Each client gets customized workouts designed to improve their weaknesses and fine tune their strengths.  

I remember going through the ranks of the basketball business and at some points I wasn't challenged at all and at other I felt like "if I only knew then what I know now".  So with Modern Basketball we teach our clients about every aspect of the business of basketball including, skills, nutrition, choosing a college, social media, and political.  We look at each client as a lifetime relationship helping them get what they want out of basketball, whether it be an education, career or just making their high school team.  Because I've played at every level I can mentor or connect my clients to help then make strategic decision to get them where they need to be, so they can get what they want out of Basketball.  

How we work

Modern Basketball offers the latest in basketball drills integrated with functional speed, agility, and core training exercises.  Aside from getting into the gym and doing the physical work it takes a lot to reach full potential and make it to the highest level of basketball possible.  For that reason Modern Basketball offers extensive information about nutrition and hydration for the Modern Athlete.  Our nutrition and hydration packets include, quick and easy meals that anyone can make.  We provide grocery shopping lists providing great alternatives to unhealthy eating, as well as hydration secrets.   Social media management has become a must when climbing the ranks in the professional world, and we offer packets addressing that very issue and how to successfully manage information that represents YOU as the athlete! 


 Why Modern Basketball

Throughout my 7 year professional career I got the chance to help develop the local talent through camps and clinics at each NBA and overseas professional basketball organizations I worked for.  By stressing the importance of hard work and dedication during my training/mentoring i have already made a big impact in middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes trying to reach the highest level of success possible.  By offering the most modern training techniques and strategies we guarantee you will "Challenge Your Potential".  Clinics, group sessions, and 1on1 training all designed with the same principles of integrating speed, agility, and power with modern basketball drills are all offered to challenge each athlete mentally and physically.  Lastly we encourage our athletes to demonstrate hard work, Dedication, Success, and Reward by purchasing weekly and monthly packages that represent those key words to live by.