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Beat the Heat explosion training

Modern Basketball is bringing back its Speed Agility and Explosion training session!  If you are having trouble staying in front of your man on defense, exploding past your defender after making a good move on offense or if you just want to take you athleticism to the next level this is the program for you.  Our summer workouts will include functional movement training that professional programs use across the US and the world.  We have put together a program that if followed from start to finish will add that needed athleticism to reach your athletic goals.  Some of the exercises we be doing are as follows:

  • Box Jumps (vertical training)
  • Up hill sprints (overall speed & muscle endurance)
  • Up hill speed ladder (foot speed, and first step quickness)
  • Resisted hill sprints (strait away speed and endurance)
  • Dynamic lunges (vertical training & overall speed & explosion)
  • A variety of lateral movement exercises (defensive movement)

We will be hosting 3 different sessions for you convenience.  The session schedule is as follows:

Session 1 (10 sessions)

June 11th - July 2nd
Every (Mon-Tues-Thurs)

Session 2  (10 sessions)

July 3rd - 24th
Every (Mon-Tues-Thurs)

Session 3  (10 sessions)

July 26th -  August 16th
Every (Mon-Tues-Thurs)


Cost: $175

Training Locating 

Terramount Park in the Woodlands