Quick and Easy breakfast!

I used gluten free oats and it's yummy too but parents you prefer you can use the regular one. I added cacao to add some chocolate flavor, hemp seeds, chia and shredded coconut, stevia or raw honey, some protein powders are very clean and make it even better but again it's optional. Raw almonds or organic peanut butter are also optional if the kids are not  allergic to it. It only takes 5 mins to cook the oats with cacao and sprinkle hemp, chia and coconut oil for good fat, 1 tbs if you like. I only use organic coconut oil.
It can be for the entire family, energy throughout the day with lots of nutrients.
Any questions
And don't forget water, you can add lemons for vitamin c and flavor.
Train like an athlete and eat like an athlete!
Marcia Bock!