The night before a game meal

To all parents out there wondering what to feed the kids the night before an athletic endeavor this is an easy and are super healthy quick meal for the kids.
They should have dinner early if the game is around 8am, I would say at 7pm at the latest.
The meatballs should go along with pasta for storage energy, so our young athletes will have enough to start the day. I prefer gluten free pasta but I understand we need to take baby steps with the younger athletes. I have found organic pasta at Costco and my son loves it.
How to prepare the meatball:
97% fat free ground turkey
Shredded red or any color bell pepper
Chopped zucchini
Minced garlic
2 egg whites
Your favorite seasonings
one of the healthiest oils to cook with is coconut oil, so I highly recommend it!
If your kid is super picky, you can slowly add one vegetable at a time.

To our future. Growing strong!!!
You all have a healthy and wonderful day!
-Marcia Bock.