Modern Basketball's select teams

Nutrition and hydration

1.Modern Basketball has their very own nutritionist (Marcia Bock) who meets with the team regularly to answer questions and share her knowledge, keeping our athletes on track to healthy lives.

2.Basketball IQ
Modern Basketball coaches regularly watch film with their players to discuss our offensive and defensive philosophies so they are constantly learning and developing their basketball IQ.  Watching your mistakes and highlights on video is the best way to develop your game outside the gym.

3. Skill development
Modern Basketball's schedule includes skill development clinics.  During theses clinics we will focus on getting  a lot of game shots(shots that come out of our offense) competitive shooting drills, high intensity dribbling and passing drills.  

4. Proper defensive and offensive philosophies 
Before our season starts Modern Basketball hosts a player parents meeting where each player will receive a detail packet of our offensive and defensive philosophies, these philosophies will be discussed regularly in game, practice and film settings. 

5. Individual responsibilities by position while playing on a team
Each player will receive a detailed packet explaining their positions responsibility as well as other positions responsibilities so they can be communicated during a game and practice.

6. Communication skills
Communicating as teammates will be a constant focus that is emphasized daily.